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Exotic Ora Beach Resort

Exotic Ora Beach Resort – Do you have a plan to visit Ora beach? If so, you need to think about your accommodation during your trip to Ora beach. Ora beach resort is a recommended resort in Ora beach. It is the best resort in Ora beach you can choose for your accommodation. Read the information below to know more about the exotic Ora beach resort.

Ora Beach Resort—The Only Resort in Ora Beach

Ora beach resort attracts so many tourists to visit Ora beach as soon as possible. Why? The resort is so wonderful with some types of rooms. There are cottages near the beach and also water villas above the water beach. You can imagine how wonderful the resort is. You can choose the type of room in Ora beach resort based on your interest and budget.

For you who have enough money to rent a water villa, then you can book it as soon as possible. A water villa will make you able to see the most beautiful view of Ora beach. When you open the door, then you will see the breath-taking view of the water villa. You will see the beautiful turquoise beach water, white sand, and other wonderful views of Ora beach. The cost to book a water villa of Ora beach resort is higher than the cost to book a cottage near the beach.

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For you who don’t have enough budget to book a water villa, then you can choose to book a cottage near the beach. Although the cottage is not built over the beach water, you can still see the beautiful view around the cottage. The cottage surrounded by beautiful trees. The fresh air will make you really enjoy your time in the cottage. Staying at the cottage near the beach will make you able to refresh your mind and forget your problem.

Other Alternative Accommodations Near Ora Beach

Actually, Ora beach resort is the only resort in Ora beach. So, you will not find other resorts in Ora beach. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t find other accommodation near Ora beach. Ora beach near some villages, such as Sawai village, Saka village, Saleman village, and more. You will find a resort or homestay in every village. So, it can be your alternative whenever you can’t book a room in Ora beach resort.

But because the location of homestays and resorts are not on Ora beach, it means you need to use a speedboat to reach Ora beach. The choice is in your hand. if you want to reach Ora beach as soon as possible, then you have to book a room in Ora beach resort. But if using a speedboat to reach Ora beach is not a big problem for you, then you can choose a resort or homestay in a village near Ora beach.

Common Activities You Can do in Ora Beach

Whenever you have arrived at Ora beach, you may want to do various activities there. Actually, the common activities you can do at Ora beach is snorkelling or swimming. You can snorkel or swim to see underwater species. But, you can also see underwater species without snorkelling. You can see them on the terrace of the Ora beach resort.

For you who like diving, you can also try this activity on Ora beach. But, make sure you rent diving equipment before diving. If you choose a dive trip, it will be useful to you. A dive trip will guide you to arrive at the best diving spot in Ora beach. The dive trip will also offer you diving equipment. Finally, you can dive without worrying about diving equipment.

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