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Open Trip Ora Beach – Are you looking for a new adventure for the next vacation with your family and friends? Then you should sign up for open trip Ora Beach that will totally refresh your mind! Let’s go to a little bit further to the place you’ve never been before. It is Ora Beach that is located in Northern Maluku, Indonesia. Whatever things you imagine about heaven, you can find it in this outstanding island.

The amazing resort

Open trip Ora Beach can take you and your family to the amazing resort at Ora Beach. This resort is above the water like the resorts you usually see in Hawaii or Maldives. This resort only provides 10 rooms. The seven rooms are built above the water meanwhile the other three rooms are in the beach house. There are also six rooms that are built on the ground. This island is completely tranquil and only the resort for the tourists to stay. There is no local’s house. You need to go by boat to cross the next village which is Saleman village. But you do not need to worry, because the boat will be ready to take you there. There is only a restaurant here which belongs to the resort. You can order the dish based on the schedule that the resort has arranged.

Talking about the room, if you expect the room will be luxurious, hold on that thought. The room in the resort doesn’t have an air-conditioner (who needs that when you get the fresh, natural air). You can also see the sunset too. The best time to travel here is from July to November to see the clear sunset just from your room. There is a bathroom in every room. But for the beach house for three rooms, there is only a bathroom. Now, let’s take a look at two amazing places as some of the Open trip Ora Beach schedules.

The Seven Island

The Seven Island consists of small islands where there is no one living there. It is located just across the west of Ora Beach. The journey from Ora Beach is around an hour by a speedboat. This island is very special because you can see another clear, blue water and white sand. It is a perfect place to take pictures with your loved ones.

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Hatupia Cliff

There are many great cliffs to see near Ora Beach, but this cliff is definitely the cliff you must see. Hatupia Cliff is located in Sawai Village. If you go here from Saleman Village, it only takes around 20 minutes. However, if you go here from Ora beach it is much nearer that only takes 15 minutes. This amazing cliff can be accessed only by a speedboat. And there is no locals’ house there. There is only a hut of wood that is built above the water. It can be seen right in front of the cliff. There is also a cave hear that is ready to be explored. The name of the cave is the Octopus Cave. It is a famous cave among tourists where many people take the photos of it.

What can you do here? Swim of course! Feel the clear and fresh water and look at the blue sky. You will feel like you are in another part of heaven on earth. There is no one who can bother you anymore. This place is one of the highlight destinations in open trip Ora Beach. Are you interested in joining now? Ask your friends and family to come along with you!

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