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Ora Beach Backpacker

2 October 2018 229x Artikel

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Ora Beach Backpacker

Ora Beach Backpacker – Are you a backpacker? If yes, you may want to visit Ora beach. Actually, Ora beach is a good place to be visited by backpackers. It is a beautiful beach in Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia. This beach offers the wonderful view. Many people said that Ora beach looks like Bora-bora beach in Pacific Ocean. For you who just have low-budget to visit a beautiful beach, then you can visit Ora beach. There are some tips for backpackers who want to visit Ora beach, such as below:

Choose Your Route

Actually, there are 2 ways to arrive at Ora beach. The first way is by choosing taxi at Pattimura airport to pick up you to arrive at Tulehu harbor. After that, continue your journey by choosing a speedboat to pick up you to arrive at Amahai harbor. When you have arrived at Amahai harbor, then you need to use a public transportation to arrive at Sawai village. And then, choose a speedboat to pick up you from Sawai village to Ora beach. If you use this way, then you will arrive at Ora beach faster. This way is recommended for you who visit Ora beach with 1-2 friends.

If you visit Ora beach with more than 3 persons, then you can use another alternative route. You can rent a car to pickup you from Pattimura airport to Ora beach. So, you don’t need to use a speedboat and other transportations. But, the journey by using a car may spend too much time. You need 1 day in the journey, and it means the journey is so long and may make you tired. The choice depends on your comfort.

Choose Your Accommodation

For backpackers, there are 2 alternatives accommodations. First is a homestay. Yes, a backpacker usually wants to save their money and choose a cheap accommodation. A cheap accommodation in Ora beach is a homestay offered by the local citizens. The cost to rent a homestay is lower than the cost to rent a room in a resort. But, homestays will you find in the villages near the beach. It means you need to use a speedboat to reach Ora beach.

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Another alternative for you is camping area. It is recommended for you who have brought camping equipment. Backpackers usually like to build their camp tent when they are visiting an island or beach. So, you can also build your camp tent near Ora beach. There is a certain area to build your camp tent. The area is so comfortable because near the beautiful beach and surrounded by wonderful cliffs.

Bring Your Own Foods

Foods or meals are important thing you have to prepare when traveling. Backpackers usually bring their own foods to be eaten during traveling. You can also bring your own foods to be eaten during your trip in Ora beach. You can bring instant noodle and other instant meals. Finally, you can enjoy them and can save your money.

But if you want to try seafood in Ora beach restaurants, you can also try it. Choose a restaurant that offers cheap seafood. Various types of seafood can be found, and don’t forget to try the lobster. The lobster of Ora beach is a famous food and a favorite food of tourists.

When you are in Ora beach, try to do various activities. Some activities you can try are snorkeling, swimming, diving, trekking, and many more. Don’t forget to bring your own camera to capture various moments in Ora beach. Finally, your trip to Ora beach will be more memorable.

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