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Ora Beach Eco Resort Maluku

Ora Beach Eco Resort – Ora Beach is a hidden paradise on the earth. The beauty of this beach is unbeatable. It looks so beautiful and natural with bunches of coral reefs growing in this beach area. In this beach, there is a resort called Ora Beach Eco Resort Maluku offering the comfort to enjoy the beauty of Ora Beach. There are some reasons for staying here.

Offering a Cottage Concept

In this resort, you can stay a night in a cottage that has been provided for supporting the comfort during enjoying Ora Beach. If you want to imagine it, the cottages look like cottages in the Maldives floating on the sea. A cottage concept makes you like staying on the Maldives Island. You can enjoy an atmosphere Maldives in Ora Beach. This helps you to get memorable experience during staying in this resort.

Offering a Simple Booking Procedure

If you want to stay a night in Ora Beach Eco Resort Maluku, you should know the ways of booking this resort. It is rather difficult to arrange a trip to Ora if you take a wrong way. It actually depends on every person. If you really want to stay at Ora Beach resort, you should conduct several things. You need to manage a date to stay in Ora. You need to open the Ora Website and see the offered package of this resort. If you have got the package and appropriate date, telephone, or Whatsapp, Ora Eco Resort will ask you about the availability of the rooms. If the room is available, you should give DP and pay it off. Then, you will get picked in Ambon, Airport, and get you to Ora Beach. It is very simple and easy to do.

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Simple Facilities But Gaining the Best Experience

Ora Beach Resort is a much-recommended resort to stay in during having a holiday in Ora Beach. You should decide to stay at Ora Beach Eco Resort. This resort offers simple facilities making you focus more on your holiday to nature and reducing the tiredness. There are no televisions, air conditioner, and electricity. The electric system is turning on starting from 6 afternoons to 6 in the morning. This resort consists of 7 cottages floating on the sea and water. It makes you fall down to the water after waking up at 6 in the morning. Six floating cottages consist of one room with every price for Rp. 700.000 and one cottage consists of three rooms.

For a friendly price, you can select a hanging cottage located in the land exactly in the front of the forest. You can hear birds’ sound in the morning and insects at night. It is so relaxing with the cheaper price for Rp. 600.000 per cottage. The price includes 3 times eating for staying a night in this resort.

Providing Some Trip Packages

Ora Beach Eco Resort is located on floating on Ora Beach. It actually offers some packages for tourists. The tourists only visit its website, read it carefully, and select an appropriate package for tourists. Then, you contact this resort. It is fairly helpful to post the package here. When you step down on the dock of Ora Beach Resort, this resort area has bunches of coral reefs on the watery area including the coastal area. Some coral reefs are out from the surface so that it is closed on the high tides in the morning. There are 6 cottages with one room and a big cottage with 3 rooms in it. Those are some things about Ora Beach Eco Resort Maluku.

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