Ora Beach How to Get There

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Ora Beach How to Get There

Ora Beach How to Get There – Do you want to visit Ora beach? If so, you may want to know the routes to arrive at the beach. Actually, visiting Ora beach consists of air route, land route, and also sea route. Read the information below to know more about Ora beach how to get there.

How to Get to Ora Beach

Ora beach is a beach in Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia. To get there, make sure you choose a flight from Jakarta to Ambon first. After arriving at Pattimura airport, then you can start your journey to arrive at Ora beach. From Pattimura airport, choose a taxi to pick up you from the airport to Teluhu harbour. You can also use a public car to pick up you, and the cost will be cheaper than the taxi cost.

From Teluhu harbour, you have to continue your journey to Amahai harbour. From Teluhu harbour, choose a ferry that will pick up you to Amahai harbour. When you have arrived at Amahai harbour, continue your journey to Sawai village by using a public vehicle. When you have arrived at the harbour of Sawai village, then continue your journey to arrive at Ora beach. Use a speedboat to arrive at Ora beach from Sawal village.

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Actually, you have another route to arrive at Ora beach without using some transportations. From Pattimura airport, you can rent a car to pick up you to arrive at Sawai village. But, the journey will need a day. So, it will be a long journey for you. If you want to arrive at Ora beach as soon as possible, then follow the first route mentioned before.

Accommodations in Ora Beach

The only resort in Ora beach is Ora beach resort. You can choose this resort because this resort is located on Ora beach. Some rooms of this resort near the beach, so you can easily reach Ora beach in one step. But other rooms are built over the beach. It means you can easily see beautiful underwater species when you sit on the terrace of the resort. It will make you feel so excited.

If you don’t want to choose a room of Ora beach resort, try to choose Ora beach homestays. Yes, some people in villages near the beach will offer you their home to be your accommodation. The cost to rent a homestay will be lower than the cost to rent a room of Ora beach resort. There are some villages near Ora beach that offer homestays, such as Saleman village, Saka village, Sawai village, and more.

Even, you can also choose to build a camp tent near the rock cliff. It will be an exciting moment if you can build a tent camp near the beach. You can also save your money for other purposes. But, make sure you bring your own camping equipment to make you easier building your own camp tent for your accommodation.

What to Do in Ora Beach?

Snorkelling, Swimming and Diving are the common activities you can do at Ora beach. For you who love diving, snorkelling and swimming, you can do those activities at Ora beach. Especially if you stay at Ora beach resort, you just need one step to be in the Ora beach and try snorkelling, diving or swimming.

But, there are also other recommended activities you can do. For example, you can explore the villages near Ora beach to know the tradition of the local citizens, the view of the villages, and the best spots in the villages to take pictures. Choose a tour package to make you easier for exploring Ora beach and various destinations near the beach.

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