Ora Beach in Maluku

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Ora Beach in Maluku

Ora Beach in Maluku – Though it is not known very well for most of the people, it doesn’t mean that the natural beauty of this beach is not interesting. Ora Beach in Maluku becomes the paradise in the earth stealing your eyes and heart to come and visit it over again. You will never see the beauty of Ora Beach in West part of Indonesia.

Where Is a Location of Ora Beach in Maluku?

Ora Beach is a hidden paradise in Eastern Indonesia and located on Seram Island. This beach is administratively located in Manusela National Park and two villages, Saleman Village and Sawai Village, North Seram District, Central Maluku, Province of Maluku. You will feel amazed while spending your times on this beach.

What Makes Ora Beach in Maluku Interesting?

Ora Beach in Maluku has many beauties attracting your attention. This beach has a beautiful underwater park, the clean beach, and clear sea water. Those make Ora Beach look like a natural mirror because you can see coral reefs from the above your ship. Ora Beach is famous for the underwater beauty. Even, due to the beauty of this beach, many tourists call this beach similar to the beach in the Maldives. The predominance of this beach is the clean white sand, clean Tosca sea water, a wide variety of coral reefs, and its sea biota. To see the beauty of the coral reefs on this beach, you don’t need to dive deeply. You only dive for 2 to 3 meters only making you see the underwater paradise in Ora Beach.

Ora Beach becomes the main tourist’s destination in Maluku, especially in Seram Island. There are many international and local tourists visiting this beach to be a favorite snorkeling spot. Ora Beach is located in the west part of Sawai Bat. With a wide variety of plants, this beach is recommended to visit for snorkeling and diving lovers. It is caused that the scenery of this beach is spoiling your eyes added with a natural and shady nature view. Of course, it is making you feel more enjoyable and comfortable.

Baca Juga :

The resort in Ora Beach facilitates you to explore the beauty of this beach. You can see a hill from Manusela National Park, turn around it, and spend your times there. Moreover, you can adventure Salawi River and see a process of making sago. You may stay for a night in Ora Beach Resort. It becomes the only one resort built on this beach.

A route to Ora Beach in Maluku

Actually, there are plenty alternative routes for local tourists touring and traveling to Ora Beach easily and cheaply. One of the ways is using a shared trip or in a group. It is usually conducted by the backpacker lovers. If you want to dare your adrenaline, you can explore it alone without a guide and tourism agent. The trip can be started from an airplane trip to go Pattimura Airport. For the entrance ticket, it is relatively expensive for Rp. 2.000.000.

After reaching Pattimura Airport, continue your trip with a vehicle or car directing to Hunimua Port in Liang Village. Every ferry ship serves 6 times crossing for 45 minutes. After enjoying the sea for 45 minutes, the tourists will arrive in Airpirit Port. The trip doesn’t end here yet. From the port, you have to continue your trip to Saleman Village passing forest and rocky roads. After arriving in Saleman Village, the tourists can take a rest in Semabri to eat and buy some foods before going to Ora Beach. The trip is still using a boat for 10 minutes to go to Ora Beach in Maluku.

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