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Ora Beach Island

2 October 2018 261x Artikel

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Ora Beach Island

Ora Beach Island – It is an island with the white sand coastal area with the clear sea water and showing beautiful and colorful coral reefs. In the central Maluku Regency, there is a famous beach due to its enchantment, Ora Beach Island. There are many foreign tourists regarding the beauty of Ora Beach deserving to Boracay Beach or Bora – Bora Beach. There are several tips to have the holiday there.

Choosing the Right Transportation

The location of Ora Beach is located in Saleman Village, North Seram Regency. Ora Beach can be reached with some alternative routes and various transportation modes. If you go there alone or with your partner only, the easiest option is a water transportation. After you get a cheap ticket to Ambon and fly to Patimura Airport. You must go to Tulehu Port with a public transportation and continue your trip with a speedboat directing to Amahai Port. The ship trip to Ora Beach Island requires time for 2 hours with a cost about Rp. 120.000,-. After you arrive in Amahai Port, you must continue your trip to Sawai Village with a public transportation for 2 hours and then cross with a motorboat for 10 minutes.

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Nevertheless, if you go to the beach with your friends, the easiest option is renting a car from Patimura Airport and go directly to Sawai Village. But, there are fewer people taking this route because it spends much time for one day one night because you have to drive down west part of Seram Regency and Central Maluku Regency. Your groups don’t change a transportation mode and see the other places. The car rental price depends on the negotiation and usually around Rp. 800.000,- to Rp. 1.000.000,-.

Taking a Choice of Affordable Accommodation

Ora Beach has the most famous resort. The presence of this resort makes Ora Beach get more popular. The resort is called Ora Beach Eco Resort. The rental price estimation is not based on the cost per a room but it is calculated per person and changes to the season approximately between Rp. 1.000.000,- to Rp. 1.500.000,00 per day. Nevertheless, this price has been excluded a transportation from Tulehu Port to the inn and eat three times. If you are going in a group, you can bargain the price. Due to the high number of visits and limited cottages, it is better to order the resort to the manager.

Conducting Fun Activities

Despite having a green hill background and Manuseal National Park, the other enchantments of this beach is an underwater life. The sea water area has a wide variety of beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes. You can see it directly on the ship because the water is so clean and clear. When the weather is bright, the scenery in Ora Beach is so awesome and even at the night. In the night, you can sit on the dock and see the shining stars in the sky. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the beautiful moments of the sky.


Though you can do diving and snorkeling in Ora Beach, this place is unavailable a diving operator. The choice is renting to the closest place, Ambon, or bring the diving and snorkeling tools. Because it has shallow waters having living coral reefs, you must be careful while diving and snorkeling in order to avoid destroying the coral reefs. There are no stores or restaurants in Ora Beach Eco Resort. It only provides eating facilities of the resort included in the price. If you love to snack, you have to bring it to Ora Beach Island.

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