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Ora Beach Maluku Indonesia

Ora Beach Maluku Indonesia – When you have a plan to visit a beautiful beach in Indonesia, don’t doubt to visit Ora Beach. Ora beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Maluku, Indonesia. There are so many activities you can do here. Read the information below to know more about Ora Beach Maluku Indonesia.

How to Get There

Whenever you want to visit Ora beach, you may want to know about the direction to this beach. You can start your journey from Patimura Airport. After you have arrived at the airport, continue your journey to Tulehu harbour. You can choose a taxi to pick up you to arrive at Tulehu harbour. The journey from the airport to Tulehu harbour may take 1 hour. And then, continues your journey to Amahi harbour. Use a speedboat to arrive at Amahi harbour. The journey may take 2 hours.

After arriving at Amahi harbour, continue your journey to Sawai village. Choose a public vehicle to arrive at Sawai village. The journey may take 2 hours. And from Sawai village, you can continue your journey to Ora beach. Choose a speedboat to pick you up to arrive at your destination. The journey from Sawai village to Ora beach may just take 10 minutes.

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You can also rent a car to arrive at Ora beach as soon as possible. If you rent a car at the airport, then the car you rent will pick you up from Patimura airport to Sawai village. So, you will arrive at Ora beach faster. Finally, you can try many activities near Ora beach.

How About Accommodation?

You may think about accommodation when you arrive at Ora Beach. Don’t worry about it. You will find Ora Beach resort, the only resort in Ora beach, the resort is so exotic because it is built over the beach. You can imagine how beautiful the view of the resort. When you are on the terrace, you will see the beautiful view of turquoise beach water, white sand, and other breathtaking views.

Ora beach resort has unique design and architecture because built from woods. In the morning, you will feel so comfortable when you can inhale the fresh air. And when the night comes, you can open the door of your resort room to see the beautiful sky. Actually, Ora beach resort is recommended for newlyweds because the situation looks so romantic. Many tourists also said that Ora beach looks like a beach in the Maldives. It means you can’t skip Ora beach whenever you visit Indonesia.

What to Do there

Actually, there are many things you can do in Ora beach. Actually, Ora beach is not only the beach with beautiful beach water and white sand. Ora beach looks exotic because contains so many underwater species. To see them, you can try snorkelling or diving. To try diving, you don’t need to dive to the deepest part of the beach. Just dive 2 metres or 3 metres to see the beautiful underwater scenery. You can also see various underwater species.

If you don’t like diving, then you can try snorkelling. Snorkelling can be done easily and will not make you afraid because you don’t need to dive into the deep part o the beach. By snorkelling, you will also see various underwater species, such as coral reef, fishes, and many more.

If you want to know the activities of local citizens, try to visit Wasai village, in this village, you will also the mangrove forest. It looks so exotic and beautiful. For your recommendation, choose a tour package that offers a trip to Ora beach. The tour package usually offers trip and various facilities, such as accommodation, meals, diving equipment, entrance ticket, and many more. Visit www.indowalk.com to know more about the tour package.

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