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Ora Beach Maluku Resort

Ora Beach Maluku Resort – Whenever you want to visit Ora beach, you may think about the accommodation near that beach. Ora beach Maluku resort can be your accommodation. It offers you various rooms you can choose based on your need. Read the information below to know more about Ora beach Maluku resort.

How to Get to Ora Beach Maluku Resort

Actually, the journey to Ora beach Maluku Resort can take more than 5 hours, especially if you need to choose a flight from Jakarta to Ambon. After arriving at Pattimura airport in Ambon, you need to get in the taxi that will pick you up to Teluhu harbour. After that, choose a speedboat to arrive at Amahi harbour.

The journey is still long. You need to choose a public vehicle to continue your journey from Amahi harbour to Saleman village. After arriving at Saleman village, then continue your journey to arrive at Ora Beach resort. Choose a speedboat to pick you up to the resort. Although the journey to Ora beach resort is so long, but the beautiful thing you will find in ora beach make you forget about the long journey.

Baca Juga :

Ora beach looks like a heaven. Have you known about Bora-bora beach? This beach is in the Pacific ocean, and not every person can go to the place. Many people said that Ora beach looks like Bora-bora beach. It means you can choose Ora beach as your alternative whenever you can’t visit Bora-bora beach. Even, many tourists also said that Ora beach looks like a beach in the Maldives.

Ora Beach Resort Facilities

Now, let’s we talk about the facilities of Ora beach resort. Ora beach resort is the only resort in Ora beach. There are some types of room offered by this resort. First is room near the beach, where you will see beautiful trees around the room. And the second is floating rooms. The floating room built above the beach. So, you will see the beautiful view around the resort.

Ora beach resort looks exotic because built from woods. You will feel so comfortable to take a rest here. If you choose a floating room, you have to pay a higher cost. But, you will see the most exotic view around the resort. Some facilities are available in every room, such as a bed, fan, and many more. Enjoy your vacation in Ora beach by renting a room in Ora beach resort.

What to Do Near the Resort

Ora beach looks so beautiful. You can see the beautiful view of the beach in front of your resort room you rent. Inhale the fresh air and see the breath-taking view around the resort. You can see the turquoise beach water, white sand, and other wonderful views. Even, you can also see beautiful underwater sceneries.

For you who like seeing underwater species, try snorkelling near the resort. There are some snorkelling spots you can try. By snorkelling, you will see various underwater species. For your recommendation, bring an underwater camera to capture your moment while seeing various underwater species.

When you feel so hungry, there is a restaurant in the resort. You can order delicious foods. Near the resort, you will also find other restaurants that offer various delicious foods, such as foods made of lobster. The lobster is so delicious, especially when it is cooked with traditional seasoning.

Do you want to visit Ora beach resort soon? You can make a plan to visit this resort as soon as possible. Choosing a tour package is also recommended to make you easier to explore various unique things in Ora beach. Finally, your tour to Ora beach will be more memorable.

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