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Ora Beach Resort Booking       

Ora Beach Resort Booking – There are many great destinations you can find in Indonesia. Most people only know about the famous Bali Island, however, Indonesia has more than 30,000 islands that have their own uniqueness and beauty to allure tourists around the world to come. One of the most amazing islands that we are going to offer you is Maluku. More specifically, we are going to introduce you to Ora Beach. This island is Indonesian Bora-Bora which its beauty is as attractive as the real Bora-Bora Island, French Polynesia.

Ora Beach is the hidden heaven in Indonesia and many people still don’t know its existence. That makes Ora Beach an exclusive tourist attraction to visit. Ora Beach is located on Northern Seram Island, Saleman Village, Maluku, Indonesia. It doesn’t only attract local tourists but also international tourists from all over the world. Many tourists want to go to this beach because they want to escape from the bustling, crowded, polluted city they live. They want to enjoy something different that Ora Beach has to offer.

Why Ora Beach

Ora Beach has amazing natural beauty and breathtaking under-sea water life. You can relax on the beach chair with the sun kiss sunlight hits your chair while reading your favorite book. Its tranquility also can make you forget about dull activities and problem you face almost every single day. The cool weather with the breeze of the wind from the coconut trees will make you realize that you are on a vacation in another part of the world and it’s hard to forget.

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Ora Beach also is surrounded by many pretty, hut resorts that look like Bora-Bora Island. There is no other choice to explore the island besides only walking, ride a bike, or get on a boat. You can’t see cars or motorcycles around this beach. There will be no one who can wake you up in this surreal heaven on earth. There are also a lot of fun and adventurous activities you can do here. That’s why Ora Beach resort booking is available for you to be booked anytime you want. The travel agent offers you great packages you can choose from that suit with what you want to do, your budgets, and how long you want to stay in Maluku. You will have a professional guide who can speak English fluently and be a part of interesting and fun schedule activities. You are not only invited to explore the island where Ora Beach is located but also see the beauty of marine life yourself.

Things to do at Ora Beach

There are many activities you can do at Ora Beach. They are including:

  • Snorkeling

It is no doubt that the water at this beach is crystal clear. You can see the colorful coral reefs from soft corals to hard corals. There are also small fishes around it. It is like a marine playground. The living things under the water are so breathtaking. Many people who already went there said that they couldn’t stop watching it. If you never go snorkeling before, Ora Beach resort booking is the right to do to have a chance in a lifetime to witness this fantastic view.

  • Walk on the white sand in the morning

If usually, you wake in the morning to do your working routine, now you will have a different activity you do first thing in the morning. Ora Beach is surrounded by beautiful hills, trees, and clear water. Not to mention its white sand! Try to walk on this white sand barefoot and relax your mind and body. Inhale and exhale the fresh air and you’ll have more gratitude to thank for because you can stand on that heaven. Ora Beach resort booking can make your dream comes true if you want to witness the beauty of Ora Beach and stay in an exclusive resort-like in Bora-Bora Island.

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