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Ora Beach Resort Central Maluku         

Ora Beach Resort Central Maluku – Vacation is waiting! Do you have a plan where to spend it? If you are looking for to a special place, somewhere in Indonesia, then Ora Beach Resort Central Maluku is the biggest recommendation you should consider. Bring your family or friends to come along to this beautiful beach that people claim as the Indonesian Bora-Bora. And if you are so into water sports or activities around the beach, then there is no need to discuss whether there are better places than Ora Beach. It offers snorkeling activity that will take you to one of the cleanest beaches in Indonesia. It is a home for a lot of marine ecosystems and the colorful colors they’ve got will make your eyes mesmerizing.

Many people mostly know Ora Beach from printed media and social media. This amazing place is so famous for its beauty that can take everyone to the heaven on earth. What is this beach offering actually? What makes it so famous? Well, pay attention to these following recommendations of must-things you do when you go to Ora Beach.

The resorts

Ora Beach resort Central Maluku can arrange you to the amazing room with the great view facing the beach. You can get the room that is completely above the water. You can see the sunset right in in the front of your resort’s room and feel the fresh air hits your body. Forget your boring routines while you are exploring the resorts on foot or a bike. The resorts can also be great pictures for your Instagram.

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Go snorkeling    

What is the better water sport than simply go snorkeling? Relax your mind as you go for an adventure underwater. There is a professional guide who are ready to help you to witness the beauty of marine life at Ora Beach. The gear is provided nearby the resort and you can rent it easily. You can see hard and soft coral reefs with colorful colors like orange, red, brown, and others. There are many types of fish under the water. You don’t need to dive deeper because the sea is very clean with the blue water. It will make you clear to see everything.

Visit the Dutch water

One of the places you should see around Ora Beach is a river that is named the Dutch water by local people. The reason is that a long time ago there was a guard post nearby the river for the Dutch army. Even though that guard post was long gone, the place is still called the Dutch water. The water of this river usually comes out under the stone cliffs. The water is very cold and fresh. It is totally different from the water at Ora Beach which is so near to the location of the river. Even though the marine water from the sea and the fresh water from the river meet, it doesn’t change the freshness of the water in the river. Isn’t it amazing? That’s why you need to pay a visit to this place.

Taste Papuanese nutmegs

With Ora Beach resort Central Maluku, you will also experience to taste the Papuanese nutmegs. They grow around the beach. Many people especially foreigners are curious to try it. And when the fruit is already on the mouth, you can taste sour and bitter at the same time. Usually, local people will laugh at tourists’ reactions when they try it for the first time. What are you waiting for? Arrange the reservation with Ora Beach resort Central Maluku and get ready to start the adventure with your family and friends!

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