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Ora Beach Resort Maluku Booking       

Ora Beach Resort Maluku Booking – If you think Paris, the city of love, is boring for a honeymoon, then why don’t you travel a little bit further to Indonesia? Try something different to spend your honeymoon vacation in of islands you never think it exists before. Ora Beach resort Maluku booking will introduce you to one of the popular destinations in Maluku. It is Ora Beach! It is located in Village of Saleman, in the Northern of Seram Island.

When you book Ora Beach resort Maluku booking you will be taken to crystal clear water with a white sand beach that has tranquility everybody wants. It will be a perfect honeymoon place for you and your partner. Find the moments you never forget in this heaven-like beach. There are also many great adventures awaits you!

The exclusive resorts for spending a honeymoon

Besides the beach, Ora beach is also surrounded by exclusive, pretty, comfortable resorts that can attract many tourists from around the world. If you ever go to Bora-Bora or at least have seen the resorts there on TV or Internet, Ora Beach also offers quite the same resorts. They are completely above the water and each room is designed beautifully. Why do we call it exclusive resorts? It is because, in Ora Beach, the resorts have limited rooms that are less than 10 rooms above the water. The price range per night is various depend on the type of the room.

In this resort, there is also one restaurant. The uniqueness about the resort is that the electricity isn’t available for 24 hours. You can access the electricity starting from 6 am to 6 pm. After that, it will be completely dark. If you like this idea, you can light up your room with candles to build more romantic atmosphere. You can feel the night winds get through your body and listen to the crickets’ sound, and that’s it. As the dark comes, the only feeling you’ll feel is peace, especially you are there with your loved one.

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However, if you don’t want to stay in above the water rooms, you can pick the rooms that are on the ground. Of course, those rooms are cheaper. Don’t forget to taste the local dish and cuisine in the resorts’ restaurant. Taste the different flavor from various spices and seasoning from Indonesia. The price range for the local cuisine is various. It depends on what the ingredients used for the dish. Make sure your stomach can handle spicy food because the food here is mostly spicy. If you don’t like spicy, you can request to not use any chili on the dish you order.

How to go to Ora Beach

In order to arrive safely in an easy travel, you need to spend several hours. After you arrive at Pattimura Airport in Ambon, you need to continue the travel to Hunimua Harbor. The journey usually takes in an hour. You can go to this harbor by car by renting it. Then, from Hunimua Harbor you need to buy a ferry ticket to be able to reach Waipirit Harbor. The travel takes around 50 minutes. However, even though the journey seems like forever, you won’t feel bored at all because the view is simply amazing. Last but not least, after arriving at Waipirit Harbor, you need to continue to the last pit stop by taking a small boat to Ora Beach. Ora Beach resort Maluku booking is always ready to provide comfort and safety to the customers and ready to give you a lifetime moment you won’t forget. Make sure that you leave nothing at Ora Beach but footprints of love.

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