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Ora Beach Resort Seram

Ora Beach Resort Seram – If one of your traveling bucket lists is to visit Maldives or Hawaii to see blue, crystal water, then you can find the similar heaven like that in Indonesia. You can see the more beautiful view in Seram, Maluku. In Ora Beach resort Seram, you will have an unforgettable experience in traveling to Indonesia especially to Seram Island. You will stay in a beautiful resort here and share your traveling experience with your family and friends.

In Seram Island, Central Maluku, there is an amazing beach that is called Ora Beach. Once you set your feet here, you won’t feel like you want to go back. Many tourists either from Indonesia or outside Indonesia have witnessed its beauty and tranquility. It is as beautiful as Bora-Bora or Hawaii beaches especially the above water resorts. There are many great activities you can do at Ora Beach Seram starting from the water sport or do something locally like tasting the nutmeg and visit the Dutch ruined buildings nearby the beach.

The atmosphere is also great for a peaceful escape from dull routine. You can feel the fresh air and water. There is less pollution there since the only way possible to explore the island is only by boat, bike, or simply walk. Try to visit this amazing place with completely dark and no electricity. Why? The reason is that the electricity is only available to access start from 6am to 6pm. Are you willing to try it? It will be a nice excuse to get away from your mobile phone that can distract from your vacation. There will be no more bosses’ calling or stalking your social media in the middle of the night.

The things that make Ora Beach special

Being in Seram Island, Maluku will be a great choice you never regret. It offers local Maldives view. This place is located on the West of Sawai bay nearby the Sawai Village and Saleman Village. Ora Beach is also known for its clear water and white sand surrounded by great, pretty hills. Talking about the marine life and ecosystem, you can see a lot of types of fish coral reefs. You can see everything clearly because of the cleanliness of the sea.

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Activity in the resort you should try

Ora Beach resort Seram is like the resorts in the famous islands like Hawaii or Bora-Bora. It is built above the water that can give you a chance of how it feels to sleep in a resort like this. The first thing you see in the morning will be water, trees, hills, and blue sky. You can catch a sunset too! Spend this moment for yourself to refresh your mind and body. Try something different that you never try before. In this resort, we suggest you try the local dish like the famous Papeda. It is sticky rice made from starch complete with tuna fish. It is one of the must-taste cuisines if you visit Maluku.

Next, you can try to explore the resort with a bike or simply go on foot. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen to protect your skin. You can meet with the locals and try a little bit of their language. The locals are known quite friendly with tourists and most of them understand English. If you are lucky, the locals offer you their culinary too for free! Take a picture with the children who like to play in the beach or the sand. It will be great photo collections to be shared on your social media. So, are you ready for the adventure at Ora Beach resort Seram?

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