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Ora Beach Seram Island Maluku

Ora Beach Seram Island Maluku – Do you have a plan to visit a beautiful beach in Indonesia? If so, don’t skip Ora beach in Seram Island, Maluku. Ora beach offers the breath-taking view and various destinations to visit. For many travellers, Ora beach is one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Even, many travellers said that Ora beach looks like the beach in the Maldives. Read the information below to know more about Ora beach Seram Island Maluku.

What is The Exotic Thing in Ora Beach?

You may be curious about the exotic thing in Ora beach. As mentioned before, Ora beach has the breath-taking view. When you see Ora beach, you will feel like you are in a heaven. You can imagine the beautiful view of Ora beach. The beach looks wonderful with its white sand, turquoise beach water, and a unique resort on the beach and near the beach. They make the beach looks so perfect. Because Ora beach looks so wonderful, so don’t forget to bring your own camera to capture every moment you get on this beach.

Ora beach is also a favourite beach for snorkelling and diving. Why? It is because Ora beach has so many underwater species. When you are snorkelling, you will see how wonderful the view of underwater. You will see various species, such as starfishes, small fishes, coral reefs, and many more. Especially if you rent a water villa of Ora beach resort, you don’t need to try snorkelling. You can see various species from the water villa. Just sit down on the terrace, and look at the beach water. Some underwater species can be seen clearly.

Ora Beach Resort

As mentioned before, Ora beach looks wonderful with its white sand, turquoise beach water, and also the unique Ora beach resort. Yes, you will find a resort in Ora beach named Ora beach resort. It is the only resort you can find in Ora beach. The resort is so unique because the architecture looks traditional. The resort made of woods. So when you enter the room of the resort, you will feel so comfortable. Woods can make the room become so natural and comfortable. It means you will feel so comfortable if you stay at the resort.

Baca Juga :

There are two choices for you, which are a water villa or a cottage near the beach. The choice depends on your interest. The cottage is so comfortable because built over the white sand and surrounded by so many trees. The cost to rent a cottage of Ora beach resort is also lower. But, many tourists feel so enthusiast to rent a water villa of Ora beach resort. A water villa will make you so easy to try snorkelling. The water villa built over the beach. It means you can easily reach the beach and play with underwater species.

Ora Beach Tour Package

Actually, the routes to ora beach consist of air route, land route, and sea route. So, it may make you feel confused to reach Ora beach. Don’t worry because there are so many tour agents offer Ora beach tour packages. By choosing Ora beach tour package, you will be picked up from Pattimura airport to arrive at Ora beach. So, you will not feel so confused anymore.

When choosing a tour package, make sure you choose a tour package that offers various facilities. You can also choose a tour package that not only offers you a trip to Ora beach resort, but also other destinations near the beach, such as Belanda Spring, the villages near the beach, and more. Finally, your trip to Ora beach will be so perfect.

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