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Ora Beach Moluccas

Ora Beach Moluccas

3 October 2018 295x Artikel

Ora Beach Moluccas ​Ora Beach Moluccas – Have you ever heard about the Moluccas? The Moluccas is another name of Maluku island, in Indonesia. The Moluccas has so many destinations to visit, such as Ora beach in Seram Island. Ora beach is a wonderful tourist destination in Seram Island, Maluku. When you visit this beach,... selengkapnya

Ora Beach Island

Ora Beach Island

2 October 2018 260x Artikel

Ora Beach Island Ora Beach Island – It is an island with the white sand coastal area with the clear sea water and showing beautiful and colorful coral reefs. In the central Maluku Regency, there is a famous beach due to its enchantment, Ora Beach Island. There are many foreign tourists regarding the beauty of... selengkapnya

Ora Beach Resort Seram

Ora Beach Resort Seram

2 October 2018 378x Artikel

Ora Beach Resort Seram Ora Beach Resort Seram – If one of your traveling bucket lists is to visit Maldives or Hawaii to see blue, crystal water, then you can find the similar heaven like that in Indonesia. You can see the more beautiful view in Seram, Maluku. In Ora Beach resort Seram, you will... selengkapnya

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